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Graphic design is an extremely personal process for small business owners. It’s a reflection of your business, your goals, and ultimately yourself. It’s important to present a professional and polished image while retaining a sense of what makes your business unique. That’s where I step in. I work with small business owners to learn who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes you unique in order to emphasize these strengths to potential clients. My goal is to make small teams (or even solopreneurs) look like you have a much larger support system based solely on how you present yourself in print and online.

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Digital Media Design

I offer a variety of digital graphic design solutions. The top two services in this category include WordPress and Wix website design and Email Marketing/eNewsletters. I also provide custom coding services to make edits to existing websites (like refreshing your photos, updating copy, etc).

I provide two options for email marketing and eNewsletter services. I can design a template (or series of related designs) for clients to edit and manage content/deployments independently, or I’m happy to quote a package in which I design your template, manage your content and coordinate deployments. Combinations of services available are endless, just contact me to discuss your needs and we can create a specialized graphic design package.

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Print Design

Graphic design for printed media includes all of your basic business necessities… business cards, flyers, postcards, folders, brochures, booklets, books, sell sheets, and everything else that can be sent through a printer! I work with you to create professional leave-behind materials and use a few favorite online printers to keep the printing costs low. I understand you are on a budget but no one else needs to know that! Professional design is a “must” for a serious business owner, but can be affordable and attainable.


Additional Services

Do you need help setting up social media accounts for your business? Or just a little help kick-starting a low-performing page? Social Media accounts offer valuable opportunities for customer interaction, the ability to add personal and unique touches to your marketing (which is SO important for small businesses), fan base development, free promotions, and advertising opportunities where you can get your feet wet with a very small budget! Together, we’ll review your goals and develop a plan to feature your business on social media platforms that make the most sense for you. (I don’t recommend them all for everyone!)

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I almost started this section by declaring my love for Photoshop and how it’s one of my favorite hobbies… but then I remembered that it’s my career (not just a hobby) and I smile because I love what I do! So everyone knows about Photoshop, the good, the bad, and the overly retouched! However, when used in responsible hands, it’s a powerful tool and we can do some pretty amazing things together!  Retouching, restoring, color balancing, you name it – I’ll fix it (with a smile on my face)!

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I love working with small businesses and the opportunity to learn about and share in the successes of so many industries. Along the way, I’ve picked up tips from clients specializing in real estate, medical technology, healthcare, food & beverage, publishing, art, construction, marketing, and consulting (yes, I’ve consulted for a few consultants). I’m happy to help you incorporate your new design and branding into a cohesive marketing, advertising, and social media presence!

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“Marcie is a dedicated designer that delivers 110% on projects. Her design style adds to every project she delivers. Her work is on time and she consistently exceeds expectations. Her detail orientation and organizational skills make her a valued asset to our organization. The straight-forward style Marcie possesses keeps projects on time and within budget.”

Jessica Bennett, Endeavor Writing

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marcie on several projects and have the highest opinion of her work ethic and her abilities. Marcie is very reliable and most punctual. She’s organized and detailed oriented, which are key attributes when working on small or large scale projects. Besides, she’s very creative and talented. I couldn’t be more pleased with Marcie’s approach to my projects and her tireless professional efforts. I highly recommend her.

Marcela Méndez, Author

“I couldn’t be happier with the website makeover Marcie did for me. From the very beginning of the process, she listened carefully to my ideas and we worked together to map out a new and better website. I am so thrilled with the results on every level. The website looks much better, functions much better and, overall, helps me present a polished, professional face to current and potential clients.”

Jeff Mudd, Small Business Owner