A Little About Me

My name is Marcella (Marcie) Smith and I became a freelance designer in 2008 after working as an in-house designer for about 5 years. While corporate settings and large infrastructures taught me a lot about how business works, I found it extremely stifling, creatively speaking. I became a freelancer and sole proprietor of Paradigm [Graphic] Design in 2008 and haven’t looked back since! I actively seek out relationships with small business owners because I enjoy the flexibility of their branding, brainstorming ideas (without a million levels of corporate approval), and the ability to work on a very informal basis with my clients (most of whom become friends)!

Meet My Crew!

I work with clients prior to each project to outline an acceptable timeline for project completion and pride myself on always being reliable and punctual. I stay organized and on top of tasks in order to keep very strict work hours (because freelancing is kind of notorious for being a 24/7 pursuit) … that way I may spend as much time with these two rascals as possible.

Other Pertinent Information

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B.A. Angelo State University, 2003

Web Design, Mira Costa College, 2008