Weathermatic continues its innovative spirit with the most advanced technology available. In fact, this catalog features dozens of new products by virtue of our investment in product development and the asset acquisition of Signature Controls (whose roots go back to 1911 with brands including Nelson Turf, Bear Golf, and Thompson Irrigation). All of these advancements translate to greater conservation and superior value through increased performance and service for our customers. As we continually innovate, may we always stay true to the words of our founder Max Snoddy’s original vision statement: “Our Quality is Integrity: of our People, of our Design, and of our Manufacturing.

As you turn the pages of the catalog, you will see how virtually every Weathermatic product contributes to saving lives through our “Products with Purpose” campaign. We are giving you, our customers, ownership of your impact by designating a specific number of gallons given for every product purchased. As Weathermatic grows, so will our Giving. Together as partners and through God’s grace, we will save 125,000 lives through the gift of safe, clean water. In life, just as in business, we live and work with purpose. WATER WITH PURPOSE!

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