Legacy of Innovation

Weathermatic has been recognized as an irrigation industry pioneer since 1945 with over half a million enabled sites across the nation. We combine design and manufacturing precision with cloud-based technology for exclusive managed service.

As the industry expert, we are taking steps through technology, education, and proactive management to address challenges with water efficiency and labor. We connect customers and their savings to save lives around the world and have pledged to build 500 wells and in areas where clean drinking water is not accessible. For every gallon of water saved – a gallon is given to those in need. Save Water. Give Life.


To date, with the help of your product purchases, we have:

  • Built 87 wells
  • Saved tens of billions of gallons of water
  • Saved over 25,000 lives in 90 communities
  • GOAL: Build 500 wells


We will INSPIRE our landscape and distribution partners to water with purpose.

We will provide CLEAN WATER to save lives of people in the greatest need.

We will BUILD OUR BUSINESS AS A FAMILY – teaching how to live an inspired life in accordance with our values.


INTEGRITY demonstrating Godly character in all we do.

GENEROSITY expanding as we grow.

CREATIVITY discovering novel solutions beyond the obvious.

PASSION living and working with purpose above self interest.

PERSEVERANCE facing challenges as opportunities for growth.

The 3 C’s: Guiding Principles of Our People

CHARACTER – exhibiting high moral character and integrity every day as we live out our values

COMPETENCY – possessing and continually developing the talent, skills, and ability to execute with excellence

CHEMISTRY – performing as a supportive, proactive team player, always contributing to a positive, optimistic spirit

75 Years of Innovation

As we celebrate Weathermatic’s 75th year, we have many thoughts and emotions with the greatest being thankfulness – to God, our customers, employees, and suppliers – who collectively made the Weathermatic story an enduring one. We’ve experienced trials and triumphs, radical technology changes, economic booms and busts, the wet years, and the dry years. Since our creation as Texas Lawn Sprinkler Company in 1945 by Max Snoddy, we have always been a pioneering company that has helped shape the industry and impacted thousands of lives.

Embarking on the next 75 years, we are inspired by our mission to change the way you, our industry, and property owners value our most precious resource: water. We can no longer afford for water to be an afterthought or suffer from waste due to inferior technology and poor management practices. By putting water first, in design, installation, and maintenance, we partner with you to maximize water efficiency and elevate our industry to leadership in sustainable water management.

With over 600,000 SmartLine® control systems installed across 85 countries and saving tens of billions of gallons of water, we focus on an even higher purpose: saving lives. This driving passion at Weathermatic has led us to develop the newly formed Weathermatic Foundation. Our non-profit foundation creates the opportunity for Weathermatic and our partners to dedicate our financial resources and time to saving lives through water projects in the developing world. As of 2022, we have built 100+ wells that deliver clean water to more than 30,000 people in communities from El Salvador to Nicaragua to Sierra Leone.

Weathermatic Recognition and Awards

  • First milled MPR spray nozzle
  • First electric diaphragm valve
  • First commercially available companion electric controller
  • First reverse flow valve – a Weathermatic hallmark
  • First solid state controller – the forerunner of all current industry micro-processor technology
  • First plastic body sprinkler
  • First ran shutoff device
  • First soil moisture sensors for irrigation
  • First educational training program for irrigation
  • Irrigation Association New Product of the Year – 2004
  • Irrigation Association Smart Water Application Technology
  • EPA WaterSense® Labeled
  • Jardin & Paysage Innovation Award Winner – 2005
  • Consumer’s Digest Best Buy
  • PCI Level 1 compliant for cyber security verifiable through Comodo testing of 78,239 data points and server vulnerabilities
  • Marin Municipal Water District Study (SmartLine vs. HydroPoint)
  • Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Study (SmartLine vs. Plant Water Requirement)
  • University of Florida Smart Controller Testing
  • Texas A&M Smart Irrigation Controller Evaluation
  • Hillsborough ET Controller Testing
  • Regulatory Testing: FCC, UL, CE, C-Tick, PCB

Weathermatic “same day” inventory availability through trusted partners comprised of landscape irrigation distribution companies in 1,343 branches within the U.S. and located in 81 countries worldwide. Over 4,000 contractors have been trained on using and installing the SmartLink platform.

  • 350,000 – SmartLine Smart Water Management Systems installed
  • 15,000 – On-site Inspections performed by Weathermatic Field Team
  • 772,581 – Alerts monitored on managed sites in 2015
  • 12,000 – Annual installation capacity will all full-time field staff
  • Billions of gallons in water savings achieved for Fortune 500 clients and major institutions including:
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • Bank of America
    • Comerica
    • Regions
    • SunTrust
    • Wells Fargo
    • Marriott
    • Pearl Harbor Memorial
    • Arby’s
    • In-N-Out
    • AT&T Stadium
    • Texas A&M
    • LinkedIn
    • Clemson University
  • 29 years – Board of Directors average industry experience:
    Chaired by Malcolm Morris – also Chair of Stewart Title
    Guaranty Company and founding family of Stewart Title
  • 23 years – CEO, Mike Mason total industry experience
  • 185 years – Weathermatic Leadership Team total industry experience
  • 24 years – Weathermatic Field Installation Team average industry experience
  • 22 patented inventions – financed exclusively through operating profits
  • 40 clean water wells donated – gallon for gallon savings pledge to global clean water projects through Save Water | Give Life program

Certified Irrigation Designers (Irrigation Association)
Certified Irrigation Contractors (Irrigation Association)
Texas Licensed Irrigation Contractors
Irrigation Industry Authors
Master Plumbers
Landscape Architects
Water Auditors
P.E. Certified Engineers

Water with Purpose

People Need Clean Water
Over 600 million people, including hundreds of thousands in Central American, lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation. Many families in rural communities still collect water from contaminated rivers or other unprotected groundwater sources. Even with great progress, still today in the year 2020, a child dies every 60 seconds due to water borne illnesses resulting in 1 in 5 children not living to their 5th birthday.

Progress is Paramount
Weathermatic and our partners have already completed safe water projects in countries from El Salvador to Nicaragua to Sierra Leone. Together we’ve impacted schools, villages, and churches to save over 25,000 lives in 65 communities and counting in places like San Luis, San Marcos, Rio Medina, Maximino Barreto, Semilla de Esperanza – to name a few. With your participation, we can do more – much more. Let’s partner to save 125,000 lives!

Join Us Today – Purchase and Donate
You can help make a difference by purchasing Weathermatic product through the Products with Purpose campaign shown throughout the catalog, and through a tax deductible donation to this vision and goal through the Weathermatic Foundation. Your purchases and donations will go directly to funding new water projects to deliver clean water directly to those who desperately need it the most.

Weathermatic Leadership

Mike Mason, CEO

Visionary leader with a background in driving growth of finance, technology, and environmental companies in the private and public sector. Over his 25 years with Weathermatic, Mike has pursued his passion for mentoring young people to help them find purpose in their careers. Mike has contributed his time on the boards of worthy social causes including Freedom Alliance, Living Water International, and the Weathermatic Save Water | Give Life social cause.

Malcolm S. Morris, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Morris is a founding member of Living Water International. In a response to a call from U.S. administration officials, as incoming Chairman of Living Water International, Mr. Morris hosted the Millennium Water Challenge in 2002 to communicate the importance of water in US foreign policy. At the 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell announced the U.S. commitment to the Goals for Sustainable Development. One goal was to “reduce by half, the proportion of people without access to safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation” by the year 2015.

Lex Mason, President

Since joining Weathermatic in 2015, Lex has progressed through various leadership roles within the company to the President position in 2020.  He has been instrumental in the development of the As-A-Service sales and marketing strategy focused on Landscape Contractors and in structuring the overall organization for growth.

Darryl Halbert, COO/CFO

With a 30-year track record of leading public and private companies with global manufacturing operations, Darryl joined Weathermatic in 2015, to optimize operations and finance for long-term growth. He began his career in the audit division of Ernst & Young serving large, multi-national technology and manufacturing clients. He serves on the board of directors for Bonton Farms, an urban farm and community revitalization ministry.

Bill Savelle, Executive Vice President, Products

Industry leading innovator for over 30 years with numerous irrigation industry patents. Bill joined Weathermatic in 2003 and has strategically advanced SmartLink technology to become the largest global network of cloud connected irrigation controllers.

Brodie Bruner, Executive Vice President, Marketing

Since joining Weathermatic in 1995, Brodie has been integral in the formation of the company’s strategic direction and developed the managed services platform for sustainability driven organizations including many Fortune 500 companies. Brodie leads the Save Water | Give Life social cause and serves on the board of the non-profit Paper for Water.

Become a part of something inspiring!

For general employment inquiries and available positions, submit your resume to hr@weathermatic.com.