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Our product offering includes Complete short-range, mid-range and long-range Complete Rotors as well as our “Eco-Friendly” line of Replacement Internal Assemblies that retrofit other manufacturers such as Rain Bird®, Toro®, Signature® and John Deere®. In addition we offer the industry leading Quick Coupling Valves that feature the “ACME” thread connection for controlling flow. Please take a look at our heavy duty hose nozzles and impact sprinklers as well. Weathermatic offers the best value in the industry, so explore more by downloading our catalog and price list or selecting a category below.

D50-D55 Golf Rotor

D50, D55, D55X

D70 Series Golf Rotor

D70, D75, D75X

Replacement Internals
Replacement internals for: Rainbird®, Toro®, John Deere®, Signature®, Bear Golf®
Hose Nozzles

Hot Shot, Cool Shot, Fan Shot

Quick Coupling Valves

Quick Coupling Valves, Swivel Elbows, Coupling Keys

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  D50 Series D55 Series D70 Series D75 Series
Inlet Size 1” Female Acme
(25.4 mm)
1” Female Acme
(25.4 mm)
1 1⁄2” Female Acme
(38.1 mm)
1 1⁄2” Female Acme
(38.1 mm)
Operating Range 50 – 80 PSI
(3.4 – 5.5 BAR)
50 – 80 PSI
(3.4 – 5.5 BAR)
60-100 PSI
(4.1 – 6.9 bar)
60-100 PSI
(4.1 – 6.9 bar)
Maximum Pressure 100 PSI (6.9 bar) 100 PSI (6.9 bar) 100 PSI (6.9 bar) 100 PSI (6.9 bar)
Minimum Pressure 40 PSI (2.7 bar) 40 PSI (2.7 bar) 40 PSI (2.7 bar) 40 PSI (2.7 bar)
Full Circle Fixed Arc    
Part Circle Adjustable Arc    
Electric Valve-In Head Model D50E Model D55E Model D70E Model D75E
Hydraulic Valve-In-Head Model D50H Model D55H Model D70H Model D75H
Check Valve
Adjustable Pressure Regulation Model D50E Model D55E Model D70E Model D75E
Top Serviceable
Nozzle Assortment Included
Dual Direction Flushing
25% Radius Adjustment
Dual Nozzle “X” Model Available      
NPT Inlet Adapters Available

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