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Asset Managers are facing increasing pressure to protect property value while reducing water usage, ESG compliance, water restrictions, and ballooning costs … with little-to-no feedback from multiple vendors. Compliance and sustainability goals CAN be reached (without hiring additional staff) using our intelligent automation. Weathermatic has executed 10,000+ water management conversions across 42 states for top retail banks and Fortune 500 companies.



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Weathermatic and SmartLink helps you save water and money despite skyrocketing rates, while also protecting homeowner and community value. By leveraging our smart technology, onsite staff members and landscape maintenance workers sync effortlessly and efficiently. Our mobile app is easy, accessible for all team members, and serves as the hub for seasonal adjustments. Better water management has helped countless customers reduce their water budget and, with quick investment payback, continuous annual savings.

Who is Weathermatic2022-07-29T18:39:38+00:00
  • Weathermatic was founded in 1945 (Dallas, TX based)
  • World’s leader in smart irrigation control technology
  • More than 500,000 smart controllers installed in 85 countries
  • Fifteen-year record of reliability, performance and water savings
  • Some clients include: Pearl Harbor, Buckingham Palace, U.S. Capitol Building, Arlington National Cemetary, Bank of America, JPMorganChase, Publix, Home Depot, In-N-Out Burger, UCLA, Clemson University, Texas A&M, SMU, CBRE, GGP and JLL.
What is Smart Irrigation Control?2022-07-29T18:39:57+00:00

Throughout 90%+ of HOA and Multi-Family properties, traditional irrigation timer-based controllers water on weekly schedules that once programmed, are rarely changed. Because of this, they tend to over water by 30-60%. These “timers” also do not take into account varying types of sprinklers, soils, plants and ever-changing weather conditions. A common symptom is over watering, which not only injures plants but creates runoff that can lead to costly damage to pavement and walkways.

The most important part of an irrigation system is the “brains”– the controller. Like the dashboard of a car, you need to have critical information provided to you in order to drive. Sadly, conventional controllers do not have the technology to give you the feedback, visibility and control needed to run your system efficiently. Smart irrigation controllers adjust watering to meet the plants changing needs for water throughout the year, unlike a typical watering schedule that is commonly not changed at all. Smart irrigation controllers use weather readings, like temperature and rainfall, to develop the optimum watering schedule for the plants and turf. By making 365 annual adjustments smart irrigation controllers save 30-60% of water usage, improve plant health and beauty, eliminate runoff, and put an end to watering worries.

State-of-the-art smart control systems go a step further and integrate advanced system diagnostics, measure flow rates to identify breaks, and offer web and mobile access for remote programming, reports, asset tagging, standardized inspection templates, and alert notification.

Why is water management so important to HOAs?2022-07-29T18:40:37+00:00

The price of water is rising faster than most all other utility services and water is generally a top 5 HOA operating cost. With up to 70% of water use coming from irrigation and 50% of commercial properties over watering according to the EPA, there is a tremendous opportunity to save water and money by upgrading to an intelligent irrigation and water management system.

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